Monday, May 14, 2007

Siew Lee's Wedding

Siew Lee is one of my college mate that I did not keep in touch for so long. We first know each other since we first started our Diploma course. In a blink on an eye, that was 10 years ago. We had many times grouped up together for assignments and projects. And had enjoyed our lunch and gossiping together with Lyn Yen. Those were the days where we were so care free, only need to worry most about our assignment due date and exams schedule. After graduation, someone from our batch of college friends always organize gatherings, and I got to meet her on a few occations back then. The gap was more than 6 years, since I last met her until recently on her wedding day.

It does not come as a surprise to me when I receive her wedding invitation which were sent through e-mail. As someone told me earlier that she is getting married soon in March 2007. I didn't know that I had the privilage to attend her wedding as we did not keep in touch for so long. I certaintly would not want to miss it. On top of congratulating her on her wedding, I had used up the opportunity to meet up with the rest of the college mate, that we were a whole bunch of friends who used to hanged out together. Some brought their partner, but I did not.

30th March 2007 @ Imbi Palace Restaurant

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