Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another bad day to start with

This morning go to work as usual, my mom will send me to the Wangsa Maju Putra LRT on her way to her office there. I will take the LRT from there to Bangsar station where I will wait for the free feeder bus to take me to my office at Mid Valley. All goes well if the Putra LRT is working fine, and I will reach my office around 9am.

However, this morning when I reach the Wangsa Maju station there were already alot of people queuing up before the ticket swap enterance which were temporary blocked passenger away from comming in to board the train. And surely seeing this, I know that the Putra line LRT system having technical breakdown again. Not going to just stand there and wait, I just walk over to board a bus to KL, which can take me to Sogo to take a KTM commuter train instead. It was 8am at the time I board the bus. About 35mins later, I reach Sogo but I got down on the wrong stop (this is my 2nd time taking this bus, hence the mistake). I was supposed to get down on the next stop which is nearer to the way to the KTM commuter train station. So I walk the long walk.... not bad for an early day brisk walking exercise ehh.. I think...haha...

For those who usually commute by the KTM commuter train, there bount to be the possibility of train schedule discuptions due to technical difficulties and of sort. Well, for the bad start I had this morning, thank God the KTM commuter train service came on time, and at last I can reach my office just slightly after 9am. With all the walking and commuting in this hot and hummid morning, I was sweating all along the way...phew... what a morning....

Hope the day gets better for me today!

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