Monday, May 14, 2007

SmOkE oR nOt To SmOkE

How many of us, unmarried singles who don't smoke but has a bf/gf that smoke? Here I would like to share my thoughts and feelings regarding this topic which has long been in my heart and mind for so long.

My dad smokes. My mom does not. So, what's the problem with that? Some may ask. Well, it has every reason that makes it a problem. First of all, smoking does not promote good health to the smoker. Secondly, it affect the health of those who do not smoke when they breath in the smoke, which we called them 2nd hand smoker. Note that, 2nd hand smoker has a faster and higher risk of having lung cancer. These 2 are the worst problem come from smoking. Other than that, would be the waste of money and time. Since smoking has no benefit at all, it would be like burning your money away little by little.

In a marriage where a husband smoke, the wife who does not smoke will need to worry about the health of the husband, on top of worring about her own health due to being 2nd hand smoker. If they have children, the amount of worries would be much more greater. Alot of questions will come to the mind of the wife. Such as, "What if my husband fall ill due to smoking, and there would be a big financial difficulties will fall on the family", "What if I die young", "What would happend to my children if they lost their father?"... etc..etc.. the worries goes on and on... Even, when I was young, I would started worying about my father's smoking habits. No doubt, it has given me restless night. Thinking deeper on the problem of smoking partner, it can distroy a marriage if not careful and if the smoker doesn't take the initiative and determination to quit smoking.

If you are not a smoker but you are dating a smoker, you may want to reconsider your relationship. If you are having a wonderful relationship no matter what and you do not mind having a smoking partner, well, think about the future. What if he/she really fell sick? Do bear in mind that the kind of sickness meant here are smoking related sickness. These type of sickness like lung cancer can be avoided and prevented. You do not need to go through the pain and suffering of having seeing someone we love fall sick and helpless. Or seeing your children fall sick, contacting asthma because of breathing cigarette smoke since born. Or experiencing the sickness yourself and you need to die young because of being 2nd hand smoker.

Many smoker who started smoking are unable to quit although they tried countless times. Some may succeed, but fall back again. Most of the time, they just succeed in a period of time, and then fall back again. Because smoking is also a form of addiction like drug addiction or alcoholic addiction. If your bf/fiancee promise you that they will quite smoking and stay off from smoking when they get married, then pray that they stay true to their promise. Pray that God will give them strength to fight the temptation. Pray that they themself will not only rely on their own strength but rely on God's mighty strength also. Pray that after they have stay clean from it, they will continue ro refrain from it for the rest of their life.

If you are not a smoker but you are dating a smoker, better pray now that God will give you wisdom to make decision on how you want your future to be like with the person. I choose to presevere, continue hoping, continue praying, continue trusting no matter how many times the trust has been easily broken. I do not know whether the outcome will be good or bad but I trust God that everything happen, happen with a cause and it is meant for our good. I believe God will show me the answer soon when the time is right. I can only hope that my "foolishness" will not turn out to be a complete urter foolishness. So, what's your choice?

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