Monday, May 28, 2007

Material things

I am usually not the kind of a material girl. I only buy the things I need and occasionally buy the things I wanted. Currently thinking of a few items on my mind and I decided to blog it down today. Most of the item I have already longed for it for quite some time now....

Things I need:

  • Handphone (Sony Erricsson brand prefered) - my current handphone is 3-4 yrs old and having problem already)
  • Another pair of shoes for dinner
  • Accessories to match my wedding dinner dress
  • Hair accessories for the wedding dinner
  • A dinner pouch maybe
  • More money (haha...who doesn't need this?)
Things I want (not important to have):

  • A new pair of jeans
  • Some new outfit for work and leisure (who doesn't like shopping for cloths?)
  • A new handbag
  • A notebook computer
That's all that I can think of for now. I swear there are more, and surely the list will keep adding up in my mind later...haha...

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