Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Love Q #22 - Partner Resembling Parent

Last week's Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem.

Does your partner looks like your opposite-sex parent in any way? Which particular part of the face are the features similar, if any?

My answer:

My partner does looks like my father in some way. However, the similarity is nothing physical but it is more towards personality wise. His temper, his strong headedness, his over controlling nature and two of his bad habits is very similar to my father's. Back when I was a teenager I used to read an article talking about woman tends to end up marrying a man resembling her farther and man tends to end up marrying a woman resembling his mother. I was sceptical about what's written on the article until I actually ended up with one (well, soon to be). Sometimes it's pretty scarry thinking of it - having ended up with a live partner similar to my father. Scarry in a sense that when I was remembering having those bad moments with my father during my teenage years, I did made a vow to myself not to find a husband like him. Not that I really meant that. You know, almost everyone of us goes through that stage in life where we kind of hate our parents? So, when I look at a better picture of my life now I can see my father's tiny little image still lingering close to me eventhough we are not living together because those things lives through my partner. Pretty ironic huh?

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totsmom said...

This sounds very familiar. So did I tell myself never marry a man who is so Chinaman like my dad. Don't know how to cook, iron, wash clothes, etc. Ended up with one. Grrrr!!!

lolipoops said...

if this is really true and applies to most women, then I guess i would be meeting a guy who likes to drive fast....... aiyohhh

Amidrin said...

tot's mom, haha... that could be pretty frustrating at times ya.

lolipoops, ohh your dad likes to drive fast? darn!