Thursday, September 25, 2008

Souvenirs from the East

Yesterday I receive some "yummy" souvenirs from two of my nice colleagues. They had just got back from their holiday trip.

YF went to Hong Kong again for a holiday. Currently it is typhoon season there. She was lucky that it wasn't bad on that few days she was there. Else her holiday and plane ticket must have been wasted. She bought back some goodies and one of them she shared with me is this delicious sour plum flavor (in Cantonese is called "shuin mui") jelly (pic below). I didn't know it's sour plum flavor because I do not know how to read the chinese words on the packaging until I tasted it. One bite from it I immediately know it's made from sour plum. Right at the last bite, there is the plum seed in it. This is my first time eating sour plum flavor jelly. It's pretty creative that they came up with this idea. The taste is a good mixture of a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of sourness from the plum. Yummy.... I think kids and adults alike will love it!

Sour Plum Jelly from Hong Kong

PL went to Taiwan for a holiday. And bought this yummy cakes (pic below) which she shared some of them with me. Pretty nice of her provided we have only known each other for 3 months. The two cakes although in different shapes and sizes, they taste alike. It's pretty yummy. I can really taste the butter, honey and eggs flavors all blend in well together. And the textures is not oily too. Love it! I think I can have 5 of these when I am hungry.

Delicious cakes from Taiwan

It's really nice to have such colleagues who thought of us who are working like a bull while they were able to go enjoy their holidays.


Y-ling said...

*green with envy*

Anonymous said...

looking at the cakes make me feel hungry, hehehe... your colleagues are so thoughtful!

totsmom said...

I think the sour plum jelly you can get from the chain shop, Aji-Ichiban. The last time I went back to KL, I think I did see this shop, if I'm not mistaken. In Hong Kong, there is where you can get this jelly and a few other flavors.

sting said...

that's very sweet of your colleagues :-) hmmm, the sweets look very Japanese-like hoh? hehe...