Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love Q #20 - First Impression

This question is a fun and easy ones created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem.

What are the things that you tend to focus on when it comes to sizing up a potential mate during that crucial first encounter?

My answer:

Here are the things that I intend to focus on when it comes to sizing up a potential mate during my crusial first encounter (in no particular order)

1.) His eyes must be attractive enough. Not necessary must have big perfectly shaped eyes, it is the way he look at me that capture my heart. I always believe that his eyes is the window to his soul.

2.) His height. I am 159cm tall (not a very tall girl) so, ideally he must be at least 5 inch taller than me. Short guy is a strong turn-offs for me.

3.) Must have a nice personality.

4.) He must look cute and manly enough. I would know whether he is good for cuddling based on his overall outlook.

5.) The way he talk. Must not be rowdy.

6.) They way he dress up himself and the shoes he wear.

7.) His hair. Must not have long hair or look like a girl.

8.) No tattoo or piercing.

9.) Must not be a smoker.

10.) Must not have a wedding ring on his finger (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

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Tot's Mom said...

Haha! #10 had me laughing. Of course-lah, why want a married man, right? But then again, to some people, what you can't get is what you will really value. :)

JO-N said...

Hahaha, cute answers. You know, I'm as tall as you and would never accept a man shorter than me either.