Monday, September 15, 2008

Love Q #18 - When A Woman Wants To Get Married

It's been quite a while that I miss doing the weekly Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem. So, here am I catching up on those missed QA.

How do you feel about a woman proposing to a man? For those women out there, would you be comfortable doing so if you truly feel you are ready for marriage?

My answer:

Woman proposing to a man is a modern reflection of todays world. It proves that the acceptance of man and woman are equals is increasingly true. Woman who makes the first step in the subject of her love or either proposing to a man certaintly has a strong character, brave and knows what she wants. However, some man might feel intimidated because generally, man is the one having commitment issues which seems to be such a big problem in the turning point of their life. To simplify, most man just too afraid to grow up and face the responsibilities which awaits them and so now days woman takes the lead instead of man. Some people likes to call it "Girl power". I would say it's evolution of the gender equity. Hey, if the thing has been sitting there for so long with no progress as to where it is going and instead of waiting for things to happen or get rotten, someone has to make the move right? As I can see, these days the world lack of macho, courageous and responsible man, so woman has begin to take the leading role to adjust to the changes around them. Same goes with marriage proposal, I think.

However, no matter how modern I am, I am quite traditional in terms of my view on marriage. I will never put myself in a situation where I would have to be the one proposing to a man. Because to me, a man who does not propose to me is not sincere to have me as his wife or it means that he might have someone else in mind that he wants to marry. If one fine day I truly feel ready for marriage, I won't feel comfortable proposing to him either because I really still prefer man to do their job and I will do mine.

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totsmom said...

Haha! I seriously don't think any Chinese woman would want to do the proposing. Even if she did, I think the man would get cold feet. It's just not the culture, I guess.
Anyway, hope your workload is now a little lighter. And yes, don't be taken in by the Aussie slang as I read your previous post. There are many, many ABCs (Australian Born Chinese) Down Under. :)

Amidrin said...

Haha.. yeah, you are right on that. Oh! My workload has now been a bliss. Not sure when it will pile up high again. Anyway, I am enjoying my free time at the moment.