Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love Q #19 - Sensitive Topics

Another good one from the author of Short Sweet Love Poem.

Do you think avoiding a touchy topic helps or hinders a relationship?

My answer:

Well, I think it depends on whether the touchy topic is important or not. I will usually try to analyze every angle possible for the topic deem as touchy which I feel like bringing it up to my partner. Analyzing whether it will bring positive or negative impact in the relationship is an important point to take note of. I do not want to be like those people who utter blatant remarks which easily hurt people's feelings. Well, at least I try not to. If it's something either one or both of us needs to change such as bad attitude problem for instance, then this touchy topic must not be avoided because it is not healthy to the relationship in the long run. I know many people will keep quite to avoid arguments and for the sake of keeping peace in the relationship. But thinking in a broader perspective, avoiding some touchy topics might hinder a relationship whether we realize it or not. I believe avoidance is the start of something bad where having it done very often will not teach us to be a good responsible person. Because when something uneasy sets in, you avoid and avoid until it has become a spontaneous reaction where at the end when your tolerance level reaches it's peak, everything exploded. And by then, both you and your partner will be there thinking... what's happening here? Because avoidance can very easily makes us forgets the true reason of the problem.

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sting said...

yeah... avoiding a touchy topic is like sweeping under the carpet, one day it's bound to come out... one way I guess is to be sensitive towards the issue ie be more tactful when bringing up the subject

Amidrin said...

Yes Sting, that's exactly what I wanted to say on this topic too. You have a good week and get well soon ya.

totsmom said...

I guess it really depends on the individual. If you are patient and understanding enough, what you deem as potential flash points can later become acceptance and hence, turn into a non-issue. It also depends if the two people are hot-headed or not. If both not willing to give way, sometimes, avoidance may be a better way out until cool heads prevail and acceptance comes into the picture. My 2 cents. :)