Friday, September 12, 2008

Healthcare is important

Girls usually like to skip meals for the sake of dieting and beauty. This has becoming quite rampant in this modern day world. If I am not mistaken, at least 95% of woman has envisioned them to be thinner or wants to be thinner than what they are now. We all love beauty. Who doesn’t is a liar not only to others but also to themselves. I am no promoting beauty here but what I am trying to say is we should not overlook the importance of having a healthy body, mind and soul. We should not endanger our health just for the sake of beauty. It is not worth it because when we gets old, only our health is left for us to be worried about the most in life. Constant dieting and skipping meals can result to minor sickness that can turn into major sickness if we are not careful. The most common form of illness is Gastric and stomach ulcer which occur to some people who constantly have unhealthy eating habits. For those who are not so lucky, they might have Peptic Ulcer Disease.

Sometimes visiting a doctor and you might hear some big medical terms they use to describe your illness or prescriptions. Perhaps you can check through the internet for medical information to help you understand more on what you are having. Below recommendations is very suitable for healthcare practitioners but also to non-healthcare professionals.

Free Online Clinical Solution from Epocrates
Checking for drug interactions with oxycontin? Not sure what lymphogranulomatosis is? A quick visit to Epocrates Online free drug and disease resource could answer these questions and then some for safer prescribing and more confident diagnosis.
Epocrates, Inc., developers of medical software used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals, has introduced a new web-based application. The free Epocrates Online product provides clinicians with rapid access to practical, evidence-based content, including:
• New disease database – condition overview and risk factors, treatment approach, tests to order, national medical society guidelines, and more
• Integrated drug reference guide – critical prescribing information on more than 3,300 drugs, including dosing, interactions and health plan coverage.

Clinicians seeking information online or patients interested in learning more about their health care can visit for access to this free resource.

**** This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.


Anonymous said...

hi Amidrin, agree with you, healthcare is important.

btw, I have an award for you at:

have a nice weekend!

U.Lee said...

Hello Amidrin, good posting.
Can I say that we should wash our hands everytime we return from outdoors, touched money, steering wheel of cars, etc.

Some time back saw on TV documentary, how dirty money can be as well car steering wheels....
under a powerful microscope, to see those creepy crawlies on money....gosh! I feel like using gloves after that....
Again, steering wheels too.
Taken at random, the germs on every steering wheel is beyond belief.

And we get sick more often from our hands touching all these....
You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

Amidrin said...

martini, thank you so much for presenting me the award. You have a nice week!

u.lee, yes, you are right to say that we should wash our hands as often as we could no matter where or what we touch. I also remember last time my grandma used to told me money is very dirty because it travel from one hand to another, can be from the man selling pork, or fish seller who didn't wash their hands, etc. Oh, steering wheels too? This will remind me not to eat while driving. You keep well and have a great week too!