Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Annual Dinner

I had missed out last year company annual dinner event. Feeling unenthusiastic about it during that time and so I gave myself an excuse for not going. But this year, for the very first time I had willingly submited myself to the hassle of presenting myself to the event. I call it a hassle because I would have to look for a dress, shoes, accessories, or any mumbo-jumbo stuff to suite the annual dinner theme (i.e. need to spend more... duh!). The worst part is if they force you to do silly on-stage performances or play silly games. Those are the part which turns me down the most for joining the event. However, after giving much feedback and opinions to our company social committee who organizes all sorts of company events, there is a big improvements this year. We were not forced to participate in on-stage performances nor were we forced to play the games if we do not want to. The best part about the annual dinner is free food of course! Haha... this year we had International Buffet dinner.

This year annual dinner theme was The Masquerade. Held on the 12th December 2008 at One World Hotel. I think there are quite a few company in KL who was having the same theme too. Actually this is the 2nd time in our company's history of hosting annual dinner having The Masquerade theme. I don't know why it is so popular and so many people voted for it. After all, it's not that easy to get a nice mask for the occasion in our country. I was so busy with work, having no time for lunch hour so at the very last minute, just about 1 week before the event date I searched frantically for my ideal mask. Tried looking for it through Ebay but it was too risky to purchase one online due to the fact that I got only 1 week time to order and wait for delivery. There are just a very few shops in KL selling mask and none of them that I like. I hate it when even though I got so little time left and I am being so stingy about a mask.

Thank goodness I have a friend who recommended me ordering a custom made mask from a girl who posted some of those beautiful mask she made by herself on her blog. Her name is Evon and she's a model with an artistic mind who has a knick of designing and making mask. I like her mask design and instantly fall in love with it. Trying out my luck, I emailed her to enquire about whether she can make me one and the price tag for it. The cost is really pricy. But out of emmergency and I really like her handy work, I decided to buy her service. She provided very fast, eficient and professional service by giving colour suggestions to the little discriptive design I requested. I confirmed my order on Sarturday and I receive the completed mask (photo) she emailed to me for approval on the following Tuesday morning. The next day the mask was hand delivered to me.

My mask (front and side view). I wanted it simple yet elegant and it is actually attached to a wand as I requested. Whether it worth the price I paid or not, I really love it!

Throughout the whole annual dinner event of the night, the highlight is the mask of course. But we had some good time watching some of the performances, chearing those who participated in games, galloping foods taken from the buffet tables, goofing around taking pictures of each other, some drink and get drunk and be merry.

Just arrived. We were a little late but the event has not started yet. Picture with our mask on. Guess where am I in the picture?

Picture without our mask on. Now we know who is who :P (Left to right: Kelly, me, SY, MYeen, YF, Jenny, MYee, ST, & Cora)

It was already almost 8pm. We were waiting for our dinner to start. That explain ST (second from left) sour face and my weak smile.

Another group photo with our mask on. We managed to hide our hungry face with our mask. hehehe....

OMG! I look so fat in this picture. There's another one which I look even fatter (not going to post it here). Well, we meant to took a picture for just the three of us but suddently V came by shouting "I also want to take a pic" and slot into position *uninvited* as none of us actually knows her that well. Oh and the "thorn" in the middle? Well, never mind the thorn though we don't really mind having a thorn in an all girl's picture. (Left to right: Me, LL, Alan, KH, & V)

My favorite photo of the day! Me & KH. Darn! I look fat in this picture too. I had another picture of this taken half length but I thought I should post this with full length view so to remind me not to neglect my eczema spot when it itches and scratch non-stop. Eczema scar is hard to hide when it was left untreated for too long. I probably need a year for the scar is fully disappeared.

Just me. Hmmm... apparently I do not have enough makeup on. This is the result of only putting on makeup for less than 5 times a year. LOL....


firethorn said...

I like your mask. So cool!
The price tag is abit errr...
but, who cares! As long as you like it and it looks good on you, it's worth the money spent hohoho :P

Uncle Lee said...

Amidrin, Holy Smoke! Where were you when I was on the loose end....? You sure look like a million bucks!
And who says you're "fat"?
You look sensational...take it from me...I sure lepas handbrake if see a lovely girl like you.

Love your last pic....your smile can make the moon come up early, *wink*.
By the way, I love your hairstyle...fabulous style Amidrin. And that black cocktail dress? Like a million bucks!

Hmmm...must drop by here more often, ha ha.

You stay gorgeous Amidrin, best regards, Lee.

Amidrin said...

hi firethorn. Yup, I really like my mask. And you are right, it worth the money spend. Glad you think it looks cool too! :p

Amidrin said...

hi Uncle Lee. Thank you for your flattering remarks. But I don't think I look like a million bucks. Actually I prefer "having" a million bucks, not "looking" like one. Ha ha! Really have to snap back to reality.
And it's really nice hearing from guys saying I am not fat. But I really am. I can pin point all those exact fat areas if people let me.

My hairstyle and cocktail dress looks nice? Really!? Thank you very much! *grin*

Martini said...

hi Amidrin, see you in photos for the first time. You look great and your smile is so sweeeetttt!

glad that you enjoyed the event...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amidrin, take it from me...ahemmm, I have the experience, you are still slim in my books.
A woman too slim or very slim never looks nice...
I never dated slim girls, love those ahemm, slightly fleshy ones...they fill their cocktail dresses, or sarongs or cheong sums very well.

Women can never judge themselves...let a ahemmm, man decide.
You have a nice day and hold that lovely smile of yours. Best regards, Lee.

firethorn said...

Uncle Lee summed it all :)

I've always love your sweet...*drool* hahaha..

I mean it, really ;-)

sting said...

you looked absolutely lovely... honest.. :-) and that mask is very beautiful.. not sure how much you paid for it but it's probably worth it ;-) very artistic..

Merry Christmas!! Have a great time ya.

Amidrin said...

Hi Martini, thanks! How are you?

Hi Uncle Lee, well I guess you win on this one. Man is always more expert in the subject of woman's appearance. This, I'll have to agree *grin*.

Hi Firethorn, thanks! Your smile is always sweet too and I love it. No wonder Nix fall for you, I bet your smile melts his heart...

Hi Sting, yes the mask is worth what I paid. It's unique and one of a kind as the person who created it made it clear that she only make one design once!

Merry Christmas to you all and have a happy holiday ;-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amidrin, wishing you a merry Christmas and happy holidays. Best regards, Lee.

JO-N said...

You look beautiful and I love your choice of mask! Merry Christmas to you.

Tot's Mom said...

You look gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time. Anyway, Happy 2009 to you & your loved ones! :)