Thursday, March 26, 2009

Save Our Humpback Whales!‏

*** To support my company's move to bring awareness on wild life endangered species and what we can do to help, I am posting this article courtesy from my company's bulletin.

Let’s play our part...
to know our world a little better,
to contribute a little more,
to secure a better tomorrow.

I would like to share news on the animals that we, humans, are threatening to extinction.
Understand them and what threatens them and we could all make a change before its too late.... not only for them... but for us as well.

Scientific Name : Megaptera Novaeangliae
Habitat : Oceanic

Did You Know?...
Each whale has its own unique pattern on the underside of its tail flukes, which can be used like "fingerprints" to identify individual whales.
Humpbacks produce a wide array of sounds but how it create these sounds is still unknown as they do not have functional vocal cords.

Humpbacks are among the most endangered whales as fewer than 10% of their original population remains. Humpbacks are found in all oceans to the edges of polar ice, and follow definite migration paths from their summer feeding grounds to warmer waters in the winter. The climate change (global warming) has forced these migratory whales to swim up to 500km further and for less food. Shrinking sea ice reduces whale foraging areas and the abundance of the Antarctic krill on which the whales feed. As the krill is dependent on sea ice, less sea ice will reduce the abundance of food for whales in the feeding areas.

humpback’s main food source - krill

What Can We Do?...

Support by turning off your lights for one hour
Saturday, 28th March 2009
From 8:30pm to 9:30pm

You may ask “what difference can one make in an hour?”...
Our question to you... “why not participate and find out?!”
Once you’ve seen the impact,
it would encourage you and the people around you
to be more mindful with the On and Off switches in the future.

Join us to say “I did my part” by signing up at

Lights Out people!

“Your Switch is your vote - Vote Earth!”

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JO-N said...

This is meaningful, the earth hour campaign. KLCC is also participating, I think.