Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spontaneous Holiday Escapade (11th - 12th July 2009)

Almost 3 weeks ago, I had this nice relaxing holiday trip to Damai Laut, Perak. The night before the trip and without telling me where to go, Ald asked me to pack my things. He said it's a surprise as he wants me to be pampered. I only get the glimps of the idea that we are going to the beach! I have not had any holiday trip out of town for the past 3 years. So I was feeling a little exited.

We head out early Saturday morning. It was a long trip and we had a hard time finding the place but it worth the effort. We stayed in Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa which is a very private and exclusive resort near Pangkor Island. The place is beautiful and relaxing. I will let the pictures speak for itself.

After checking in and placing our belongings, we head on to Samsara Spa. I booked an appointment for a massage service. This is what my 'dear' meant by pampering me. I had a very relaxing time enjoying the massage session which lasted for 1 whole hour while he goes wondering around alone. Haha.... The Spa owner recommended me the Samsara Touch massage. The service is good. Before leaving the Spa, they served me some Ginger Tea. It's my first time having Ginger Tea. Never knew that I would like it.....

Dinner on our first day, we had BBQ Seafood Buffet by the sea side. I have forgoten what is the name of the restaurant. After a long day journey and sight seeing, we were famished. So, a buffet dinner is our best option. I kept on refilling my plates with all the grilled stuff, not touching any of the fried rice, fried mee/ meehoon, or any of those normal side dishes, except the chili crab. I lost count of how may plates of food I had - must have put on 2 kg of weight. LOL!

On the next morning (our last day), although feeling sleepy and tired, we woked up early and head out for the complementary buffet breakfast. I couldn't eat that much compared to last night's hearty meal. Well, my stomoch needs some resting (obviously). After breakfast, we head on to the beach one last time and then had a game of snooker and carom. Also not to forget, we had another round of cam-whoring before we left.

Look! I am as happy as a kiddy!

Thank you very much for this wonderful trip! I was delightfully happy.....


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Amidrin, never knew Perak has such a place.
Its really beautiful, and the beach looks really inviting too, not to mention the lovely shrimp dish.
You have fun and keep well Amidrin, Lee.

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Faizul Rizal said...


Its been awhile you've been gone.
no update from you?

well, hopefully you will update something soon

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