Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love Q #9 - When To Marry

This week Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem are as follows:

How young is too young to get married? To put it another way, what is your ideal age to get married and why?

My answer:

When I was in my teens, my ideal age to get married is between 25-26 years old. But after I venture into the adult working world, my desire to get married slowly change. Usually woman become more desperate to find a husband and get married off quickly as they gets older but for myself, I think otherwise. Ya, I know it seem a little strange having the opposite thinking. So, when I was at age 22 or 23, my ideal age to get married was 29 years old. But I kept on changing my mind in this subject. So as for now, my ideal age to get married is.... none?

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Tot's Mom said...

Yes, our perspectives can change over time. Strangely, for some, getting married comes easily without much thought. For others, including myself, we keep debating and reconsidering every step of the way. :)

sting said...

you know, I never really thought about this.. I supposed the "ideal age" would be when we are mentally prepared.. being married is so different from dating.. it's a whole new chapter with both challenges and joys :-)

Martini said...

yeah, most women as they enter the career world, they will keep chalenging themselves and change their mind about marriage. I was one of them :)

Amidrin said...

Ohh... good to know that I am not the odd one out.

Yling said...

27 is good cos you have 3 years to try for baby before turning 30 :-P

Amidrin said...

yes, yling. I agree that is a good age to get married.