Thursday, April 3, 2008

Afraid to go visit the big "D"

How many of you are afraid of going to the Dentist? Yes, please hands up! Well, I am one of those who trembles in fear at the thought of needing to go to that "scary" place. It can be deem as a scary place not only for children, but adults alike. I think most people especially the male population would stay away from going to the Dentist until the very last minute because they could not tolerate the pain. Going to the Dentist for some adults can be just like small young kids who are going to visit the barber for the very first time to have their hair cut. It could be a very "tragic" experience to some.

We should all actually visit the Dentist once ever six months or at least once a year which I think most Western people does. Sadly to say, most Asians doesn't abide to this healthy living habit. If Western people could bring themselves to visit the Dentist frequently, that means not all Dental visit has to be painful right? Well, that must be it. If we visit the Dentist frequently, we could avoid many dental problem that causes those unbearable pain, so to speak. It's kind of like a yearly maintenance thing we got to do to stay healthy. But visiting to the Dentist can be very expensive. Some times, people could not afford to pay for the dental fees. Perhaps we should look at purchasing a dental insurance plan. I'm not sure whether we have this in Malaysia though. Although the company that I am working in does subsidize us on dental fees but it usually wasn't enough to covers 100% of the cost. I'm still going to utilize the dental benefits I got although I think it's a scary thing to do.

I had my share of scary experience to the Dentist. My lower left wisdom tooth has just begin to grow some time ago. And there isn't enough space for it to grow out in a nice position. So, I had to have it removed because it is pushing my lower row of teeth which could be crooked if I left it unattended. The Dentist have to do a minor surgery to remove that wisdom tooth. A tool were used to cut that particular wisdom tooth into two part so to make the extraction easier. I could still remember vividly the sound generated by the tool being used which are like an electric saw cutting through me. It was scary as I could feel the vibration of the cutting process on my teeth. After the extraction, I had to endure three days of pain and had a big hole on my gum. Now is time for me to have another visit to the Dentist again. And I am afraid to set the appointment date but I know I have to get it done somehow. Has anyone of you had any scary experience during your visit to the Dentist?


stubborn-daydreamer said...

hohooo...remember the premolar with a curved root that i told u about, the one i had to extract? simply traumatic...ahahaa..
but i'm not afraid of dentists these days coz i have to visit them monthly. dunno about wisdom tooth extraction though...but then again, good luck!

Tot's Mom said...

No, not really worried about a visit to the dentist, unless of course I need to extract a tooth!

Amidrin said...

stubborn-daydreamer: Oh, I guess you have gone numb because of visiting to the dentist so often eh?

tot's mom: Haha... yes tooth extraction is scary.

Dina said...

I go to the dentist here (St Louis) once in more like 6 months or more. My husband insisted that I go. The dentist raised his eyebrows on my first visit that I hadn't seen a dentist in 10 years! LOL! MY teeth healthy mah..

Amidrin said...

LOL... Dina, before I had that minor surgery to extract my wisdom tooth, I also hadn't seen a dentist in 10 years! Ops, no I think more than 10 years. haha.... it's good that you have a husband that take care of your dental care.