Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My new music interest - Shayne Ward

My boyfriend was a huge fan of music/movies and the entertainment industries. But I'm not. If it wasn't for him, I would be totally clueless about what's happening in the entertainment world. Do you know about the singing competition called X Factor? It's the British version of American Idol or Pop Idol we used to call it. Recently my boyfriend introduced to me the X Factor Winner 2005, Shayne Ward. I've been mesmerized by his singing talent ever since. And the bonus reason that I like listening and watching him sing is because he is really cute!!!!! The first time my boyfriend show me his video clips on YouTube, there's only one phrase kept on repeating on my mind... "Wow! He's really handsome and has nice singing voice!" Now, as I think of it, was it his singing that kept me mesmerized or was it his good looks? Haha.... he has charmed me, see if he can charm you too... watch this video clip.

(This video) Shayne Ward-That's My Goal Live at the X-Factor

I think he looks a little bit like a street gangster in this this video clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmnW9oF1InQ) showing him on his first audition and so on. Even without the clean cut looks, he still looks handsome to me (*grin*).

Also, I love all of these songs he sang during the competition:
Right Here Waiting - Shayne Ward
If You're Not The One - Shayne Ward
Summer of 69 - Shayne Ward
You Make Me Feel Brand New - Shayne Ward
Cry Me A River - Shayne Ward
A Million Love Songs - Shayne Ward
Careless Whisper - Shayne Ward
If Tomorrow Never Comes - Shayne Ward
Unchained Melody - Shayne Ward
When A Child Is Born - Shayne Ward
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Shayne Ward

Last but not least, Breathless (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUCGwiuV1x8) released on November 2007 is a nice song and album.

And I love this song Stand By Me (As shown on this video) .

There are many more great song sung by Shayne Ward. You can check it all out at YouTube. Now, am I obsess with him or what? LOL....


sting said...

hehe.. you do sound a bit obsess :-) but I don't blame you, he's pretty good

Tot's Mom said...

Who is he? Where have I been, huh? Guess I'm being swamped by Canto pop idols here that others seem non-existent!! Anyway, I have started the Love Q thingy. You can check it out at my poems blog. Thanks!

Amidrin said...

sting: hehe.. ya, I think so too =)

tot's mom: Who can blame you? You're living in a country where it's the biggest, coolest and all the best Canto pop idols exist.

Abbey said...

He is cute...and I love a guy in a suit..i hadnt heard of him before ta...just listening to unchained melody now

Amidrin said...

Yes, abbey. He's cute. That's why I love his singing even more. haha