Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Car Radiators

My family owns two Honda cars. My mom apparently loves this car brand. She had bought a few other car brands before she decided on purchasing a Honda. Over 10 years ago, she bought her first Honda car and then she bought another one 3 years ago. I love to have my mom's old Honda car but since I don't drive very often and I kind of have a driving phobia, so the old Honda car is now passed down to my younger brother to use. It's more convenient for him to drive to his University instead of taking public transport.

The old Honda car needs more maintenance and care. A few months ago it has been taken for servicing and changed some spare parts. Since it's an imported car, the cost of having some spare parts changed is very expensive. I'm not sure what else needs to be replaced next. Could it be the radiator? It would burn a hole in our pockets because those car dealers and car repair shops usually markup their auto parts prices when they sell. Perhaps buying the Honda Radiator online from a professional radiator distributor such as the one at Radiators.com could safe us some money. Their website and customer support care line are able to provide the information needed to help us choose the right radiator for our car. Most importantly, Radiators.com gives their customer good quality product and a life time, nation wide warranty.

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