Friday, April 11, 2008

Company training - Food & more food!

As promised on my previous post, here is the write up on what actually happen during the training. The training is being held at my office. Other colleagues who are from India, Guangzhou - China, and Bulgaria got the chance to come to Malaysia to attend the training. I partly wished that the training were being held in some other country instead, so that I got the chance to go to other countries as well. From 26th Mar. - 3rd Apr. I attended the training, I had a really fun time learning new things. It was fun because we had a very professional trainer who also tried his very best to help us solve our daily work problem such as providing solutions to help improve our work productivity. I also love the part where I get to know colleagues from other countries. Before I forgets their names, they are Wendy from China (Guangzhou), Malhar from India, Ivan and Lana from Bulgaria. Our trainer, Douglas (likes to be known as Doug) is from a different company based in Australia. All of them are very nice and friendly. Oh! Not to be missed are all the great food we get to enjoy throughout the training.

Every morning, training starts at 9.30am and ends at 5 or 5.30pm in the evening. Endless flow of coffee and tea were being served and we had light refreshments on local delicacies for tea breaks. And here's our "eating schedule" is like:
Around 10.30am - Tea break
12.30pm - lunch
Around 3.30pm - Tea break
6pm - Dinner

We been to many different restaurants to have our lunch and dinner but mainly located in Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens. Since I know the Admin personnel who organized our eateries well, I had a little influence in suggesting which restaurant we should go too (*evil grin*).

26th Mar. (Wednesday): Lunch at San Francisco Steak House (Mid Valley); Dinner at Gurney Drive (The Gardens) which serve local Penang food but with a price three times higher.

27th Mar. (Thursday): Lunch at Aunty Nat (Boulevard Mid Valley) which serve Nyonya cuisine; Dinner at Tony Roma's (The Gardens)

28th Mar. (Friday): Lunch at Secret Recipe (Mid Valley); Dinner at Stadium Negara Steamboat Restaurant at Jln Kia Peng (near KLCC). After the dinner we bring all of them for sight seeing at KLCC. The night scene are breath taking.

Stadium Negara Steamboat Restaurant: One of the side dishes... Sweet and sour crab. Yummy!

This steamboat restaurant has been on the business for a very long time. They still have the very old style of steamboat being used (as seen on the picture above). You can also have the option of using the modern style ones.

31st Mar. (Monday): Lunch at Picolo Mondo (Mid Valley) which serve nice Itallian food; Dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes.

This restaurant offeres 138 types of pancakes from all over the world. If you don't like pancakes, then this is definately a place you must try! This might be the only place that you begin to learn to love pancakes! I do! Their pancakes are very uniquely served with many combinations of food that comprises of meats and veggies. But of course, they do have the desert type or breakfast type pancakes which you must try too! They all just looks too yummy to be eaten. Take a look at the pictures below.

Such a big potion. Can you finish it? (Sorry, I can't remember the name of this dish.)

One of the banana type pancake dish (Sorry, I can't remember the exact name either.)

One of the strawberry type pancake dish from the desert selection I guess....

This pancake dish has some meat and veggies wraped in it. It taste a little like Lasagna.

Last but not least, this pancake dish is what I had eaten that day. There's 2 slices of fluffy pancakes, 2 slices of ham, 2 cheese sausages, 1 hash brownies and some veggies. The cheese sausages is really nice. When I bite into it, I can feel the cheese ooze out from the saussage meat. It blends nicely in my mouth. I give a rating of max 10 for this dish. Overall, the food taste heavenly. (Sorry, I can't remember the name of this dish either. I just know how to eat! hehe...)

1st Apr. (Tuesday): Lunch at Little Vietnam (Mid Valley); Dinner at Madam Kuan (Mid Valley)

2nd Apr. (Wednesday): Lunch at All Star Sport Cafe (Mid Valley) which was my own selection (*evil grin*); Dinner at Flying Chillies (The Gardens) which serve delicious Thai food.

Curry Chicken rice from All Star Sport Cafe.

And of course I must order my favourite dish from All Star Sport Cafe - Chicken/Beef burger with cheese. The burger meat is freshly made by the chef and it was nicely done. Really yummy. The best burger that I've tasted so far. Oh! And I love the fries.

3rd Apr. (Thursday): Lunch at Sushu Zanmai (The Gardens) which was also my own selection (*more evil grin*); Dinner at Italliannies (The Gardens) which is obiously only serve Itallian food.

At Italliannies we had some salad....

Some Mussels and Spaghetti dishes. There is also an Angle hair dish, a pasta dish and two Pizza dishes (not in the pic).

For dessert, we had Cappuccino Pie which doesn't look like a pie at all. It's more like ice-cream cake and it taste really good.

Bread pudding taste nice but it was a tad too sweet for my liking.

And the king of all desserts, we had Tiramisu to end the day of our trainning.

*** Sorry, some of the pictures are not that clear. And I forgot to take all the pictures of the food we had since day one. Was too hungry and when the food arrived, we all just gallop down everything. Also, I was too shy to be taking all the photos of the food since there are many foreigners colleagues around. Hehehe..... To sum it all, the training was great and the food was superb! I would definately recommend all those restaurant mentioned above to everyone who are looking for good food to eat at Mid Vally and The Gardens, KL, Malaysia.


lemonjude said...

You have the good chance to try out all good food in Mid Valley...Can say almost all...

So when training going on, don't you all feel sleepy after nice and heavy meal?

Dina said...'re making me's close to midnight here..hmm..tempted to get midnight snack.

Tot's Mom said...

Wow, all those food looks so yummy. Hmmm... so have you weighed yourself yet? LOL!

sting said...

wow! those are all very good restaurants leh... lucky you :-) gladthat you had a good and productive (and yummy) training

Amidrin said...

Lemonjude: Yeah, I do felt sleepy especially after having such a heavy lunch meal each day during the training.

Dina: It also makes me feel hungry whenever I look at those food pictures again... haha

Tot's mom: No, I haven't weight myself yet. LOL... probably will do it after a month time later.

Sting: Yes, yes. I am so blessed with all those food and a good training. (*grin*)