Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Online shopping - Home Medical Supplies

Recently I like to browse online shopping website to do some research on the things I want to buy. It is so convenient now a days where I could just search for items by designs, colours, types, functionality, item popularity, etc., and I will get some ideas on what I should look for when I go shopping. Being a fussy person, it takes me quite some time to actually buy something. I would spend endless hour or maybe months just to look all over the places to buy my stuff.

Sometimes, I also like to do my shopping online too. Through friends recommendations, I found some nice online shopping websites for clothes, bags and accessories. I have also tried to search the website for health and medical related information. I am suffering from a skin condition/allergy called Eczema. So, most of the medical information that I search over the internet is related to this. I had tried using the ointment bought from local pharmacy for treating Eczema but it does not work as well as the one the Skin Specialist provided long time ago. It was hard to make appointment to see my Skin Specialist so I resort to seeking medical help through GP and local pharmacy. Perhaps buying my home medical equipment online could be the next best thing. I can also order Exercise Ball for me to start exercising, a Blood Pressure Monitor for my dad, health books for my mom, Hand Exerciser and Stress Ball for my siblings. All these home medical equipment I can purchase online through the website such as

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