Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love Q #15 - Staying For The Sake Of The Kids

This week Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem are as follows:

Should couples stay together for the sake of the kids when love is no longer present? Can it work?

My answer:

Hmm... this is a tough answer. It is indeed very sad when couples drifted apart after married. But sometimes problems in relationship is hard to solve. As years gone by, people do change. When a couple has been married for many years, it's either they progress together or they grew apart. It is also hard to control or predict how long the love and passion will last. If a married couple lost the essence being together and they have intention of going for a divorce, it is definitely a very tough decision to make if children is involved. Whether they stay together for the sake of the kids or not, I think it really depends on individual level of tolerance. But in a more rational point of view, if the children are still young they should try to work out their differences and stay together at least until their children is old enough to handle the aftermath of the divorce. Staying together in such condition where love does not present in the marriage might works for some but it might not work for some others.

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Tot's Mom said...

I think kids nowadays are very smart. They can see through the charade, if it is all forced. So, sometimes divorce may not be such a bad option if both partners can learn to be civil.