Thursday, August 14, 2008

School shoes with style and comfort

One thing about schooling during the primary and secondary level, besides having school uniform to comply with we need to follow the school standard of wearing school shoes too. The school where I studied, similarly with the majority public school in Malaysia requires me to wear white school shoes. But I noticed some school especially those private schools who has their own sets of school uniform, had all their students wear black school shoes. I think black is cool. I had complained to my mom on why I have to wear white, not black. Being a young and stuborn child, I tried to accept reluctantly the rules and regulations which the school has set for us that is we have to wear white school shoes.

I am fussy about choosing the right school shoes those days. Not only then, even now I would make a big fuss about buying shoes for any occassion. I would go round and round visiting many stores before I finally decided on buying the pair I like. Sometimes it takes me weeks or months to do the scouting. I look for style and comfort even when it involved buying school shoes those days. To me, style always comes first and comfort, second. Price doesn't matter to me but it matters to my parents because they are the one who pays for them. It's really nice being a kid. You don't have to fork out money to get what you wanted. When I chose my school shoes, I was tempted to try on the black ones although I am only allowed to choose the white ones. I had debated with my mom on why I would want a black school shoes instead of white. I came out with a list of "black vs white" school shoes.

  • White always looks dirty no matter how often I clean it.
  • I do not need to clean my school shoes that often if it is black (this shows that I am lazy in witholding my responsibility of cleaning my own shoes those days...)
  • Black looks more elegant compare to white ones
  • In primary school, they all likes to play "shoes stepping" and I would not be afraid if others step on my shoes if it is black (back to showing I am lazy to wash my shoes).

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