Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love Q #16 - The Marriage Institution

This week Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem are as follows:

Is the idea of marriage outdated?

My answer:

Although divorce is becoming rampant these days and many people do not view marriage as something that could last for a lifetime, generally people still have marriage intention in mind. Our ancestors might never have thought that marriage can be annulled. It's a common idea that marriage is a very wonderful thing in the past. If you are not married but living together with your partner during those olden era, you will be scorned by the society. Howver, the idea of living together wihout having to get married is quite a common thing these days. And many people including our parents has accepted the idea of it. Not to mention, old people also accepted the idea of divorce these days. Having these, is the idea of marriage outdated? My answer is yes and no. There are people who do not think marriage as a life-long commitment if things does not work out well in their marriage, so to them the idea of marriage is consider outdated. But there are also people who still believe in the ever-lasting bonding of marriage and so to them, the idea of marriage is not yet outdated.

Divorce rate sky roketed and more and more couple living together before deciding to get married is very common these days, but I don't think people are giving up the idea of getting married just yet.

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Tot's Mom said...

Yes, it depends on individual and what we believe in. But then marriage is hard work in these modern times and not many are prepared to stick through thick and thin. I think fewer and fewer people are prepared to put up with difficulties in a marriage. So, that is why I asked whether marriage is outdated because in a way, I think it is.

sting said...

it's quite sad to think that the idea of being married might one day be outdated... I feel if there's no marriage, the couple may not work that hard to maintain the relationship... but this is just my humble opinion...