Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy.. busy...busy

I have not been blogging that often for the past 2 months and for the past one week, I am totally away from blogging. This is due to two facts:

Been extremely busy with work. Even have to work at home after comming home from the office and during the weekends. Crazy work schedule to be blamed. This started happen after I took up the team leading post and being assign a new role which includes QC and QA part of the work on top of still having my own projects to deal with at the moment. 24hrs a day is definitely not enough! But I am not panicking just yet. Thanks to years of training and experience working there and handling projects by myself.

The reason that I have not been blogging for a week is because I could not use the internet at home. Thought that it's the internet service provider's technical problem with the internet. But it turns out that the modem is spoilt. But that takes us quite some time to figure that out because the ISP personnel had just came to inspect it yesterday. Lucky that we got a spare modem to use.

Sometimes I would really like to have nothing to do and free my mind on thinking about the things that I could blog about. But having a full time job and having a blog is hard to maintain. In this case, my work takes up most of my free time these days. I used to have time to think or draft what I want to blog about at work (sshhh... this shouldn't be known by my bosses). Now I only find time to finish up my work on time so that I got time to blog. Sadly this is always not the case........


U.Lee said...

Hi Amidrin....I saw your callsign at my Blog's immigration checkpoint, but lost you on my radar when I cleared your entry...I searched, but can't locate you. Where did you come in?
Found your callsign at Sting's place....

Re your this posting, just take your time, blog from your heart...
and reading your, "panicking"...brings to mind....

What's the difference between stress, tension and panic?
Stress is when wife is pregnant. Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant.
And panic? When both are pregnant.

You have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Amidrin, I happened to glance down your blog and noticed your 'Love Q'...both of your previous postings..
very interesting....
but this strictly my own personal each hers or his own, but honestly, I wouldn't like to know or hear of my date's past relationships...
1/ To me she might still have feelings for him,
2/ Whatever ever happened in the past, one should not feel sad or whatever, but smile because it happened.

My wife before marrying me know, heard about my living in the fast lane, and but I never mentioned anything nor did she...all of us have a past.
Till today I don't know her past but know when I married her, her virtues all still with her.
She knew of my past thru her busybody friends, but she laughed as she had won me.

By the way, if you free, take a peek at my recent posting, "A first glance, A look, A smile", d/d 6/30/08. Based on women experiences. There's a paragraph re what you mentioned in your 2nd 'Love Q'.

However, I have posted several of my past my archives, one of a lady I almost proposed to her in 2 weeks when she betrayed me. The 1st woman I wanted to marry.
That was the 1st time a woman made me cry, her mom too. Posted under, "A betrayal of virtues", d/d 12/12/07.

But the most beautiful, true love I ever experienced was when a beautiful matured lady fell in love with a man half her
Next to my wife...this was THE most beautiful love I ever was so beautiful that I had to tell the whole story, 19 episodes, took 3 weeks to conclude. The longest posting I have ever posted, ha ha.
Titled, "A Faded letter from the past", d/d 1/4/o8

Of course, unless with permission, most names I used are fictitious as well exact locations.
These are my memories as I walk down Twilight Lane, ha ha.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.
ps, its funny, but somehow Penang girls to me had that certain charm...and several of my romances were with Penang girls, ha, "Memories of a Penang Rose", d/d 4/20/08, but married a girl from another state. Lee.

Yling said...

Hi Amidrin! Been busy? Hard to find time to blog? I'm taking of getting a full-time job too. But meanwhile, hope to enjoy my time blogging as much as I could :-)

sting said...

you poor thing! I truly understand your position.. had been there... remember to take care ya.. cheers

Amidrin said...

U.Lee: Thank you for your kind and funny comments. When I am free, I will surely take time to read up those post you mentioned on your blog.

yling: Hi. Yeah... I am busy as a bee. Oh, you've got to fully savour this freedom of blogging time you have before you have to really start having your full time job ya.

sting: Thanks. I will. You take care too! cheers...