Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love Q #13 - Appearance When Dating

This week Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem are as follows:

Does appearance matter in a relationship? Should you always try to look your best for your date?

My answer:

Well, I can still remember vividly what I did on my first date. I was very concious on what I should wear, how I should had my hair done, what shoes to wear, what kind of posture I should be in when I was sitting or standing with him, or whether I should look extremely happy or mellow. Yes, I was overly concious about my appearance. I have always try to look my best whenever I go out dating with my boyfriend. Because I do not want him to feel embarrass if I don't look pleasant enough and vise versa. But after so many years of dating, I can see that my boyfriend has been dressing down and he tend to ask me why am I dressing up so nicely when out dating with him. Not that I had been overly dressed up all the time. I usually likes to wear a pair of jeans with a nice sexy top but not too revealing though. I like dressing up nice and simple. I think it's important to look my best for a date but it's not the most important thing to do while dating. Because it shows that I still has that kind of exitement to meet my date and I still have that feeling of freshness in it. Just like when I went out for a date the very first time. Kind of shows that my date is special to me and I am very interested in going out together with him. Looking my best will also boost up my confidence and positive feelings throughout the date too. Besides, it also shows how much I really care about the person.

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stubborn-daydreamer said...

Let us all rise and put our right hand up and say in unison, "AGREED!"

Tot's Mom said...

Haha! I share your experience. My husband used to dress much better than me when we first met. Gradually, his standard deteriorated. Maybe the fact that the girlfriend (meaning ME!) was there to stay means there was no need to put in effort to look good anymore. LOL

U.Lee said...

Hi Amidrin, you have posted a very interesting post...
Of course every girl wants to look her best on a date...and subject to whether its a formal evening or just dinner at a foodcourt, then the girls attire will suit accordingly.

I have dated girls since 17...and I will not deny that a girl's beauty will attract me...but believe it or not, very often it was her warm heart, her sense of humour, her well mannered and classy behavious that attracts me most.

At the same time, I have dropped girls like hot coal the moment they utter any uncomfortable words in my presence...I don't, have never, I never did, well not even in my blog postings as I have to respect everyone, men or women who visits me.

I like girls who are themselves, behave themselves in public and know how to behave when on a date...

Amidrin, I have posted several postings similar to yours, but involving seduction, manners, etc etc...
If you free...take a peek at my archives...
1/ "Your place or mine". D/d Dec 12, 2007.
2/ "Bring out the lady in a woman". D/d Mar 13, 2008.
3/ A first glance, a look, a smile". D/d June 30 2008.

Also there was once I dated a girl nobody was interested in as she was plain, but she had a very warm personality...A Penang girl.
See "Just bring your smile". D/d 5/22/08

Then...once I met a lovely Penang lady on board MAS enroute to Penang...
"Memories of a Penang Rose". D/d 4/20/08

You have a great weekend, Lee.

JO-N said...

Oh Amidrin, I do miss Love Q. Now that I post very irregularly, I have sort of take Love Q not as an obligation but when time permits, I would do.

I think appearance IS important initially. It gives people the first impression but after that, it's your personality that shines and attracts.

Amidrin said...

stubborn-daydreamer: Haha... agreed!

tot's mom: Yes, that's so true. I guess it happens to almost everybody.

u.lee: Thank you for sharing. You sure do has lots of solid real life experience to share with your readers. And that's what we all likes about you.

jo-n: Oh! Good for you. I do run out of time trying to catch on on every week's Love Q but I like to do all of them anyway. And I totally agree with your comment on this post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

me too, try my best to look good in my date :)