Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday night dinner @ Amuleto by Crystal Jade

I had a short gathering for dinner with my family 2 days ago. My mom wanted to buy us dinner and so my brother suggested this place - Amuleto by Crystal Jade located at Mid Valley. My office is also located at Mid Valley city so I do not feel very exited about the venue but oh crap, it's my family gathering for dinner together and I shouldn't be complaining so much about having to go there on a Sunday. But I am really happy that my date joined me on this family occasion.

This restaurant is the western style of the well known chinese food concept of Crystal Jade chain of restaurant. Unlike its chinese food chain counter part, Amuleto by Crystal Jade does not serve pork or any chinese cuisine. It has a nice interior, classy and cozy ambience. Although it's name and the whole restaurant outlook seems like it's an expensive restaurant, but the food price is actually quite affordable. Food range from RM10-RM40. Their set lunch consist of soup, a main course, fruits as dessert and a drink which only cost RM13.80++

We ordered three spaghetti dishes, one Amuleto specialy fried rice (can't remember what it's called), one rosti, one Chicken Pepperonate and three cheesy baked rice dishes. Generally food taste is average but for the interior restaurant design and ambience, I would give it a rating 7.5 out of 10.

My first time trying Rosti with Mushrooms (picture above). For those who doesn't know what Rosti is, it is grated fried potato dish from Switzerland. I love potatoes! So, any dish with potatoes surely taste good to me.

My date ordered this Amuleto Fried Seafood Spaghetti With Olive Oil dish. It taste pretty good to me but he said it's a bit too salty for his liking.


sting said...

those looks good and the prices are quite reasonable ya.. hmmm, must try it some day :-)

Yling said...

Doesn't look good. Tasted good?

Amidrin said...

sting: Yes, it is.

yling: The taste is not as bad as the look of it.