Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love Q #11 - Past Relationship

Last week Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem are as follows:

How frank should you be with your partner when it comes to your past relationships? How much of the details should you reveal?

My answer:

Hmm.... I think it depends on individual - to whom I dated. For example, for my ex he don't mind listening to everything I talk about even regarding my past relationship. But of course I am not saying that I kept talking about my past relationship with him. We just had that very special bond of understanding and open mindedness with each other. There is nothing that we could think of not telling each other about. That's the thing I had with my ex. Whereas, with my current boyfriend, things were almost completely the opposite. I know I could not tell him anything with regards to my past relationship because it's just so not him to want to listen to all those things in the past. Even if I wish to tell him every details, he would not want to know or listen to it. But that doesn't mean that I always kept secret from him or love him less. It's just that he is the type that look at the present and the future. Besides, it's not good to know and being compared to others isn't it? So, to conclude this, I will firstly consider my partner's feelings and perception before I decide I should reveal anything about my past relationship. If it's important and benefit both me and my partner, then I will also think of spilling the beans!

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Tot's Mom said...

I think sharing gives that special bond and comfortable feeling. I don't know - my husband is also that type who says why care about the past, not that I have anything to hide. So, you're right - it depends on the type of person you are with.