Saturday, May 17, 2008

Casual PC Game – The Lost Cases Of Sherlock Holmes

I have always loved to spend my leisure time playing computer games. Therefore it’s not surprising that I took my further studies in the field of Computer Science and now working as a Programmer. My favorite computer games are those that either involves strategy, investigations, puzzle solving, and role playing, casual games be it online or PC platform.

Legacy Interactive has most recently announced the release of The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes. It’s a whodunit casual computer game of theft, espionage and murder just like the kind of thing you watch on Sherlock Holmes movies or read on books. In game, the player must use their observations abilities to solve puzzles and identify the culprit. Those who like mysteries and suspense would love this game. Featuring familiar characters including Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, Inspector Lestrade and more than 100 historical characters that will keep you occupied in the world of detective investigation. I am going to download this game and try it out.


Game Features

* Play as part of the venerable team of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
* There are 16 different mystery cases for players to solve.
* Over 100 visual puzzles and mini-games tailored to the subject and period of the game reveal a cohesive storyline as you play.
* A wide variety of mind-bending puzzles including hidden object, find the difference, picture Sudoku and picture memory games.
* Realistic and relevant clues for each case.
* Gamers can easily begin their adventure where they just left off; there is no disruption in game play.
* Players can explore 40 historically accurate locations around Victorian London.
* Officially licensed by the Conan Doyle Estate.

Pricing and Availability
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes is available for download at
for $19.95 U.S. The title is rated E-10+. The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes is
part of Legacy's MyLife GAMES® series dedicated to smart entertainment for the
busy mainstream game player. Online content syndicate uclick is distributing the
downloadable game through portals and online destinations. Later this month, a
retail version will ship to stores, distributed exclusively by Navarre Corporation. More information on the game and "The Sherlock Holmes Hidden Object Contest" can be found at


U.Lee said...

Hello Amidrin, Interesting post you have here.
Regret I don't play computer games, ha ha...prefer to read the news or do research on certain subjects I love, like cars, fishing.
I have read quite a few of Sherlock Holmes stories old days, one being, "The Hounds of the Baskervilles", my all time favourite.
As well Agatha Cristie's.
Thank you for your kind thoughts in my blog.
By the way Amidrin, I have three stories, with some mystery in them posted few months ago, if you have time, take a look at my archive...all based on actual experiences
1/ My tears never dry for you, 12/2/07.
2/ You are not my son, 12/15/ 07
3/ A Faded letter from the past, 1/4/08. This is the longest story I have ever posted, 19 episodes, took 3 weeks to post all. Its about a love of a matured woman for a man half her age.
You have a nice weekend, keep well, Lee.

osindak said...

i was crazy about nancy drew computer games when I was pregnant with my first child! LOL mengidam, in a way.. *grin*

sting said...

it's a great game :-) love it

Amidrin said...

u.lee: Thanks for droping by again Lee. I'll definitely going to read out all those three real life stories you posted. Love those mysteries and suspenses ones. Will drop by your blog again soon. You have a nice day and take care.

osindak: Ohh... you like playing computer games too? Those things are quite addictive ya. I can understand... hehe..

sting: I'm sure it is. And I can't wait till I have time to start it out!

JO-N said...

I'm enjoying the game too.