Monday, May 19, 2008

More changes at work

My year 2008 started off with a big change - career wise. During December 2007, I was told to leave my favorite team with a sister company based in UK to rejoin my current company. So starting 1st January, I'm back here having the need to work with local office staff handling local projects again but with the exception in the specialized field of Healthcare. Well, as I was reading back on my previous post about this transition, I felt that I am truly blessed with my current job because since then, I was being promoted as a Team Leader. I had predicted it otherwise as I was having a great time attached with my previous UK team.

Having said those, my company is having a huge restructuring particularly at my department due to the fact that it is turning Global vise and everything need to be in-line with the company global vision. The main issue of this whole restructuring thing is to increase company's profit of course. And having our Global Director come visiting our office department here quite often now, we always here him saying all these new restructuring things are being set up to produce "On budget", "On time" and "99% Error Free" work. "On budget" I can understand that it's because our country here can be considered cheap labor compare to other countries. A lot of data processing can be off-shored over here therefore we can produce "On time" delivery. But one thing I don't understand is, is it possible to achieve "99% Error free"? I think our big bosses up there are pulling each other's legs on this.

My department initially consist of 10 staff and it has since increase to 60 staff in such a short period of time. They have also spoken of the possibilities of increasing to 90 staff in the near future. Due to this big changes in the company, I have also heard of sad news that some offices in other countries need to retrench people because most of their jobs would be channeling over to our Global center here, which is where I'm at now. Two of the casualties are from my previous UK team because of this restructuring thing, they were being made redundant, so to speak. I am sad that they were being made to leave whereas I am being blessed with still having my job added with a promotion and a nice laptop for work.

My department office area seems very crowded right now with too many new people being hired out of a sudden. We have only just shifted to this current nice office level in Jan. 2007 but there will be another renovation coming soon due to having space issue now. There would also be 3 work shift going on but currently only 2 shift has started for selected teams. If 3 shift is running, meaning my department is operating 24 hours a day.

Few days ago, I was being told about yet another news of my work changes. My manager is considering pulling me out from my current team of two person to create another new team where I would be leading a team of 4-5 person for Australia projects. Having said, the Australian counter part doesn't need us to work in shift (thank God) but just to follow their Australian working hours which they need me and my team to work from 7.30am - 2.30am. Huh? the total hours seems lesser than the normal 9am - 5.30pm that I'm currently in now. Really don't know how they came up with that but I don't bother asking because allowed to go home at 2.30pm sound too appealing to me. But not sure when this would start taking effect as I am still waiting for the official note from my superior.


U.Lee said...

Hi Amidrin, good for you and congratulations on your promotion.
Go reach for the stars, Amidrin. You can do it.
When I was in my teens, I used to ride my motorcycle to KL airport, back in the early 60's was at Sungei Besi....and watch people boarding and flying off somewhere.
I still remember seeing a man with a briefcase, a beautiful girl holding his arm and they walking to a plane.
There and then I told myself, 'someday I want to be like him'.
That night I stuck a big piece of paper on my bedroom wall, with these words to motivate me, 'reach for the stars'.
And after returning from UK, I worked hard, but was too ambitious to wait for promotions, so jumped ship and worked for several companies, three International ones like yours...and slowly climbed the Corporate ladder....till the top and I not only achieved my dream of flying like the man I saw when at 16, but I was now flying in a Corporate plane all over on business.
I had reached the stars.
But along the way, I made many sacrifices....1/ was to a beautiful matured lady who loved a man half her age, me, and 2/ much later after being married, had to leave my wife alone most days and nights, for many years.
It was all business, travelling, and staying in hotels every few days.
Then in 1988, I decided to give up everything, apologised to my wife for neglecting her, even though she stood by me all the time...we came here to start a new life, less money, but happy and I am with my wife every day and night.
I tell you this short story Amidrin, to say, don't forget to smell the roses as you climb up the ladder of your dreams.
Oh yes, I posted a very long story re above no.1, "A Faded letter from the past", 19 episodes, in my archive, (1/4/08), took three weeks to was about my climbing the corporate ladder as well the love story of a matured woman twice my age...
If you free, take a look.
You stay easy and have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

Tot's Mom said...

Great news then! Going home at 2.30pm everyday... so much time on your hands so more time to blog, eh? :) Anyway, the Love Q is up this week. Looking forward to reading your answer.

sting said...

really? in that case, I don't mind waking up earlier at all :-) btw, got a long tag for you.. take your time ya..

Amidrin said...

u.lee: Thank you very much for your great advise. I will definitely keep that in mind. It's true that there's nothing more important in life other than family and love ones.

tot's mom: Yes, indeed and I shall be starting that very soon.

sting: Yup, great sacrifices at the begining of the day for a good ending (*grin*). Thanks for the tag. I will do it up soon.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your new job!

Amidrin said...

Thanks, martini ^_^