Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Love Q #2 - Head Or Heart

This week Love Q created by the author of Short Sweet Love Poem are as follows:

When it comes to love, is it better to follow your head or your heart?

My answer:

Where love matters, it always comes from our heart. When we feel that little special something about a person, and if love grows from that very first sight, those things comes from our heart. Without feelings, there is no love. But following our heart is not enough for us to make the right choice in love because considering if you love that person but he/she does not love you, that is when you should follow your head on whether to leave or stay on. Staying on in a bad relationship although our heart tells us we still love the person will only makes us suffer more and it will not gives us a happy ending. Therefore, I think we need to follow our head and also our heart when it comes to love. Perhaps, we could say that, at the beginning it is better to follow our heart but later on it is better to follow both of them.

You can read what others say on this week's Love Q topic at Jo-N's blog.

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JO-N said...

Good answer, Amidrin. Give me five, we have something in common.

Tammy said...

Great answer!!!

Tot's Mom said...

As I wrote in Tammy's blog, maybe when young, I follow my heart. Love is blind then. But now, I would follow my head. Older now, wiser as well. Not easy anymore to follow the heart only.

sting said...

once I had a relationship where my heart wants but my head tells me no.. I end up hurting a lot of people dearest to me... not easy... :-)

Amidrin said...

jo-n: Five! Yes, indeed =)

tammy: Thanks!

tot's mom: Yes, experience count a great deal in this matter.

sting: Ohh... it must have been awful experiencing that. Feeling guilty, sad and all...

Martini said...

hi amidrin, I am late, am agree with you, will follow our heart first, later both of them.

Have a nice day! have added you to my blog links :)