Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why high heels are no good

Women likes wearing high heels shoes. Simply because it makes our legs looks long and slender. And men likes to see women wearing them because it gives women a more feminine and gentle appearance when they walk. Perhaps to men, it is even more pleasant to the eye seeing women wearing them simply because they look stunning. Have you ever seen a women who wear high heels shoes but walk like a man? That just impossible to do even if you try hard. And that's the beauty of women wearing high heals shoes. We all know wearing those shoes no matter how nice it will look, it is not good for our health. But who to blame? Was it the men's fault because they prefer dating women who wears it? Or was it our own fault of choosing beauty over health? I personally think it's hugely women's own fault for choosing beauty over health, partly fashion's fault and half partly men's fault for encouraging it. I, myself is a victim to my own desire to look good too. And I shamelessly admit that I love high heels and I hate flat shoes.

Here is the health info on the effects of wearing high heels shoes. Source taken from

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Tot's Mom said...

Actually, I don't like wearing high heels. I used to take LRT to work last time and I can't bear it standing the whole journey to and from work in heels. Now that I don't work, no more high heels for me. :) By the way, this week's Love Q is up. Have fun!

sting said...

I used to wear but nowadays since I've got to carry baby zen, I'm usually in flats :-)

Amidrin said...

I think mostly only working women will wear high heels ya.

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing...but, I love high heels too! :-D