Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mr. Postman, what's wrong?

I feel annoyed having wrongly sent mails to my house quite frequently for the past three months. It would happen at least once every two weeks and sometimes consecutively two days in a row. If it were my next door neighbor's, I don't mind much walking over to drop it at their mailbox. But if the mail belongs to someone staying in another street, I am regret to say that I would not be that generous to send the mail over to the correct address. I felt really annoyed particularly when it is happening quite frequent these days. I wonder if anyone would feel the same.

So, I wonder what's wrong with the Mr. Postman who kept on making those mistakes of delivering the those mails to the wrong addresses. My house have a large house number plate sticking on the mailbox. Doesn't he look at the mail address properly before he drop it in? Since I have been receive so many wrong mails to my house, I wonder whether my mails has been sent elsewhere too. Yikes! I dreaded that thought. What if it is some important mail and someone has it? The Postman is incompetent, I would say. Probably he's someone new to the job.

I was having some idea on what to do with the wrongly sent mail since I am too lazy to deliver them to the correct address myself. Thought of putting the mails in a transparent plastic bag with a big note saying "Dear Mr. Postman, please deliver these mail to the correct address and try not to be so careless next time. As you see, there are a lot of them wrongly sent to my house address. Thank you very much!" and stick it in front of my mailbox. But this thought has not been put into action yet. Well, receiving wrongly sent mails is very much better than having discover some psycho steal your mail from your mailbox. If that happens, I would have to look through the many mailboxes design for safety purposes.

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