Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost luck

Yesterday was really the first day that I really glued on PPP (one of the paid post website) to try my hands on grabbing those high pay opportunity because it was a "special Tuesday opportunity". I started in the morning, there wasn't any when I check, then I started to keep on refreshing the open opportunity page and then only I keep on seeing those $50 per post appearing but it was in grey colour - meaning fully reserved. Sigh... my browser is definately not fast enough to fight for those fast clickers who successfully grabed those special opportunities.

There're not only one $50 post, but I saw at least three yesterday morning. All also I didn't manage to grab any of it. But in between those $50 opportunities, I manage to grab a $5 one. Better than none eh? Mind you, $5 looks like a little but when convert it to MYR, it's not that little anymore. Then later yesterday night, I loging back to PPP and try my luck again on grabbing some oppurtunities and my luck is pretty close... I keep on doing those refresh page and suddently I saw a $50 oppurtunity in white colour!!! Wah... I was so exited and I quickly click in and try to reserve the opportunity. When I click submit reserve, damn browser is so slow... hence I missed on reserving it because others was faster. It has already turned to grey colour - fully reserved! Phew... I was consider quite lucky to at least be able to try it out when those it was available. Well, high pay opportunities is hard to grab, but when I have a higher PR, I would have more higher pay opportunities available for me to write on. "PR, PR faster go up"!!! hehehe.... I've gone crazy...

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