Thursday, September 13, 2007

I love PPP

In another few days time it would be one month since I started on blogging for PPP. By the way, if you don't know what PPP means, it stands for PayPerPost a wonderful place where you can start earning money just by blogging the things you love. There are many sites like PPP, but what I like most about PPP is you get to choose which post/advertisement you like to write about. Unlike many others "pay you to blog" site, PPP has a wide range of advertisers who a willing to pay a lot for you to blog about their offers/items. In another description, PPP provide you the opportunity to write sponsored content.

In just 2 weeks time, I easily earn about US$ 70 and I actually didn't spend much time blogging it. And I only did eight post all together so far. If you are hardworking, you can earn double or triple times more than me. And the post I took is just paying a normal range. They also offers above US$ 100 range paid per post you wrote. So it is definitely a good grab. Another thing I like about PPP is they have special offer each Tuesday. The offer can be a lot of money for just one post you can earn US$ 1000. So far, I wasn't fast enough to grab those fantastic good offers. I hope God will bless me with it soon.

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