Thursday, September 27, 2007


I know there are discriminations practically everywhere in the world. Since in my childhood years, I have always avoid being discriminated whenever I could. During schooling years, we usually will experience or witness any form of discriminations in school. It is the place where we most probably learn what it means to be discriminated. In Malaysia, Malay teachers favours Malay students, Chinese teachers favours Chinese students and Indian teachers favours Indian students hence theachers may give a better grades for students in their same race and the rest got discriminated just because they are in a different race. This is usually the case. If it is not severe, we might not notice it that much because it happens all the time. When we were young and innocent, we tend to accept the fact of what's happening although we know discriminations is not right.

I think most of us had our own experience of being discriminated if not in adult life, then it must be from our childhood life whether we can still remember it or not. Sad to say, it has become a part and parcel of life. Discrimating society exist when we were young and it was being brought up when we were older. It happens in school and it happens at the work place. Once my mom told me about her colleague who is a non-malay top senior management staff at her office got pulled out from whatever ideas he gave during their meetings. He is the one who always gave all those brilliant ideas in the meeting until one day, the CEO called him to his office. The CEO told him that he do not have to say all his ideas out during meetings because he is a non-malay and no one will listen or take any action to consider implementing his ideas even though it is good and relevant. That's what the CEO told the senior top management level personel who is my mom's colleague. Although my mom's colleague is highly qualified in his field of specialties and has the right accademic qualifications, the position he held there at the public company is always limited. This is DISCRIMINATION!!! If you are a Malaysian, I think you would have guessed what race the CEO of the company is by now.

I remember when I was in primary school, some of my friends who are smarter will somehow discriminate those students who are less intelligent in the "last grade class" by not being friends with them and calling them names. And those rich or famous group of friends will always group up together and if they have any activities, they will exclude out those not in their "group". As childred learns from their surroundings and follow the example of the adult people, do we want to instill this kind of discriminating ways of living into our children's mind? The worst thing is sometimes discrimination even happens in our own home. If you, as a parent portray an act of discrimination to your own children, what a shame.... and it's truly a sad, sad thing to know. If you discriminates others, one day you'll be discriminated too. What goes around usually comes around.

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