Monday, September 24, 2007

Dinner with Grandma ~ 21-07-07

Last Friday we went out for dinner together with my Grandma (Dad's side). She is here in KL, visiting my aunties and uncles. After work, my brother came and fetch me from Mid Valley and we went to Damansara (to my aunty's house) from there. Both me and my brother wasn't sure of the way and we got lost. With much hassle calling my dad for directions, at last my brother found the condo by himself.

My aunty and uncle was not home yet, so my dad brought us out for dinner at a chinese restaurant somewhere in PJ. There were six of us including my cousins. I've forgotten the name of the restaurant. It serves very nice chinese food. Apparently, Adrienne (we all call her Apple) wanted to have the 'Curry phai kuat' that's why we went to that restaurant in the first place. But the dish were out of stock when we made our order. Hmm... Apple was kind of disappointed. I've never tried 'Curry phai kuat' before and it's one of the restaurant's famous dish.

After dinner, we went back to my aunty's house to play chor tai di and have some fruits for dissert and some delicious soup. When we were about to leave, my anuty and uncle just came home hence we stay there a while longer as my dad and sister were busy chatting there with my aunt. Overall, I enjoyed my evening with my cousins there.

Pictures taken with phone camera, sorry it's a little blurry.

(Left to right) Me, Lydia, Apple, Grandma, Florentina, Yung Han (sitting on the floor)

Me, my dad, grandma, my brother, and Apple

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