Friday, September 14, 2007

How to Increase Google Page Rank

Recently I am really concern about my Google page ranking (most people called it PR). I found that my PR status is really not good at all. Hence, come my search on this topic. I found a lot of website providing explainations on Understanding and Building Google Page Rank, and How to Check, Predict & Increase Google PageRank (PR).

The best tips I found out about to increase Google PR is by this 5 steps:

1. Join forums
2. Submit to search engine directories.
3. Using ezine ads (or newsletters).
4. Creating and publishing articles.
5. Links from related websites.

Read more on the above 5 steps click here.

As a blogger myself, it also useful to know that blogs can have high PR too. And why blogs can have high PR. Also great to know what problems you might have with blogs and PR. All this information I found it here at Global PR Blog Week 1.0

Sigh...I really hope that my PR rank will improve soon.