Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My National Day Holiday

Want to know what I do during our 50th Malaysia National Day holiday? Well, there is nothing much difference than my other normal weekends. Just feel happy that I got one day off on Friday because of the public holiday. Ok, without further ado, here's my this year National Holiday summarized journal starting from 30th Aug - 2nd Sep.

30th Aug (Thu): It's Merdeka eve... I am working as usual. My company social committee organized a Traditional Costume Compertition. We were all encouraged to wear any traditional clothing to work but I did not show the enthusiasm to it. As a matter of fact, there is only one or two out of the 20 staff in my department who actually participated in it. It would seem kind of weired thing to do in this situation... Anyway, I never even thought of participating. So, why bother. I was extremely busy with my work. While most left the office early after working hours for the celebration, I was left alone working like crazy in the office. I was the last to leave at 10:15pm and have to lock the office door. Reach home have my dinner (or should I say supper) at 11.15pm. Feeling tired and goggy but could not sleep yet because stomoch full so, watch a Japanese series drama on VCD until about 2am. Body really don't feel well. Had some tingling sensation on my hands, face and head. Just like the time I was sick after taking the penicilin type antibiotic. After 2 months still feel like that sometimes. Probably I took the milk tea during lunch time it triggers back the symtoms. I tried to sleep that night but just couldn't because of my health condition that time. 3am wake my mom up to ask her borrow the blood pressure monitor. Found that my blood pressure is normal but I feel not well. Hold on going back to the hospital and see how is my morning condition.

31st Aug (Fri): Wake up 7.30am... Body feel ok. Just tried to sleep longer but couldn't. So wake up at 8am, brush teeth, have breakfast and watch the Merdeka day parade on the TV. It has been ages long since I last watch the Merdeka day parade. I don't usually wake up early to watch it. This time was unplaned for. While I was watching the show, my memories of my participation on the Merdeka day celebration came back to me. I remember I was in Form 4 that time. My school was chosen to participate on the formation of the 38th Merdeka day logo on the field at Dataran Merdeka. Only 2 clases 4Sc1 & 4Sc2 were allowed and compulsory to join it. I was in 4Sc2 class. We had hard time practicing everyday and best thing is we got to skip classes with apporvals. Dispite having to stand in the hot sun, it was a very memorable event for me to be able to participate in the 38th Merdeka celebration. Well, that's my thoughts the whole morning on last Friday. This year 50th Merdeka celebration was a much bigger event compare to the many previous years. After my lunch that day, I had a nap from 3.30pm - 6pm. After that, went to Pasar Malam near my house to buy dinner with Ald. At night, watch TV and go to sleep.

1st Sep (Sat): Wake up 10.45am. The whole day just stay home watch Astro and a Chinese movie on DVD. The Chinese movie is quite nice to watch. But I forgot the title. New movie not on cinema yet... hehe... I also spent some time checking e-mails and blogs. I have a lot of time that day but don't feel like blogging anything. Time just pass by so quickly while I enjoy myself laze around the house the whole day.

2nd Sep (Sun): Just spent my day just like any other Sundays. Watched Ho Chiak at 6pm and that day's episode is about nice place to eat crabs. I was mentioning about where I had nice crabs before and after the show finished, Ald surprise me with crabs for dinner. Yummy.... Though we spent more than we should, but it's really a wonderful thing he does for me this way onec in a while. But of course, I don't expect him to do this for the rest of the month. Just once a while will do to make me happy.

Well, that's how I spent my 3 days off last weekend. I am sure most of you people had a much more interesting and hip and happening thing to do on your National day holiday. You might think mine is boring, but suprisingly I do not feel bored at all. I feel rested.....

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