Monday, September 3, 2007

One Word/Sentence

I got another tag from Judy. It's about "One word/sentence". Yeah, why not take this as my first Monday post?
Ok, here it goes....

Where is your cell phone? Charging on the floor of my bedroom.
Relationship? Single but not available.
Your hair? A little wavy now.
Work? Yes, working like crazy.
Your sister? My sister (younger than me) just got married 2 months ago.
Your favorite thing? Watching movies/ tv, reading, travelling, shopping, playing computer game, blogging.
Your dream last night? Having a war in the jungle.
Your favorite drink? Thick Milo 'kosong'.
Your dream car? Mercedees.
The room you’re in? My bedroom.
Your shoes? NYC brand.
Your fears? Snake.
What do you want to be in 10 years? Out of debts and happier.
Who did you hang out with this weekend? My darling.
What are you not good at? Communication and caring.
Muffin? Yes, I like chocolate flavour.
One of your wish list items? Wisdom.
Where you grew up? Klang Valley.
Last thing you did? Read newspaper a moment ago.
What are you wearing? T-shirt and shorts.
What aren’t you wearing? My contact lense.
Your pet? Jojo, my beloved doggie.
Your computer? Acer.
Your life? Lots of trials and tribulations.
Your mood? Sleepy.
Missing? Spiritual life.
What are you thinking about right now? How can I earn more money.
Your car? None.
Your kitchen? Looks fine.
Your summer? Don't really bother everyday the same.
Your favorite color? Purple.
Last time you laughed? 5 hours ago.
Last time you cried? Last year.
School? Primary, secondary, college/uni.
Love? Yes, I am contented with it right now.

Although usually when I pass tag on to some and they don't usually do it, anyhow I would like to pass this on to:-


keeyit said...


Interesting One word Meme.. =)

Amidrin said...

Hi keeyit, thanks ;P