Thursday, September 20, 2007

Smorty here I come

Hehehe... I was so happy this morning when I login to my mail box and found the reply from Smorty on my blog approval. I send them for apporval again after being rejected the first time last month because of not having enough Google indexed page to qualified for approval. Yay! My blog is now being approved and I can start earning more extra pocket money for writing sponsored post. A sure add on to my get paid to blog quest!

Well, I am really very eager to join Smorty because they have advertisers who offer quite a good pay for bloggers, so I heard. And mind you, it's quite hard to get approval (especially for new bloggers) from Smorty because of the high quality standard they set. This high quality standard is also good because it will ensure they have good quality bloggers to gain more advertiser's trust and confidence on Smorty. If advertisers are happy, they will give more opportunity to Smorty bloggers and we, as bloggers can have more opportunities to earn some pocket money on top of our own personal interest on having our own blog of course.

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