Saturday, August 25, 2007

8 Random Facts about My Mum

I got this tag from Judy to blog about my mum. It's a really nice tag and I would love to blog about it one day.

Well, here's 8 random fact about my mum:-

1. She's very hardworking. Apart from having a full-time job, she still taylor at home to earn extra income for the household. All her regular customers are her colleagues and friends which orders to make malay traditional clothings for any occassions.
2. My mum loves hot and spicy food.
3. She used to drinks around 5 cups of coffee everyday but not now.
4. My mum looks very much younger than her real age. Many people were surprise when they know what her real age is.
5. My mum is very patient, very considerate and always put others before herself.
6. She always sacrifice alot for our family. I remember when I was young, whatever nice food we have, she won't eat and just let us eat all of it no matter how much she loves the food. Even right now, she still does that. I am really touch by her love shown to all of us.
7. My mum knows how to drive. She is the one who always fetch us here and there.
8. She is very thrifty and good in money management which i really admires.

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