Monday, August 20, 2007

Beware: Toarchlight

I have just read a very useful information that I would like to share with all. This is regarding the use of high voltage toarchlights that thief or robbers use for their criminal activities. If you are on the streets and you see any suspicious person walking towards you holding something that looks like a toarchlight, you better be alert and beware not to have any contact with the thing. This toarchlight is made from China. Apparently, it looks just like any other normal toarchlights but it generates a very high voltage which endengers life. Anyone who are being ZAP by the toarchlight may loose their life on top of loosing their belongings. It is a very dangerous weapon and it is happening in Malaysia now.

Here is the actual story of what happen to a victim who got zapped by the toarchlight which I received from a friend who forwarded it to me. The case happen in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. So, beware on this. (Click image to read).

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