Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Medical check up

Two months back, I was admitted to a government hospital, HUKM. They could not confirm the correct diagnosis hence, there is a question mark on my diagnosis report "Hypokalaemia due to?". Talking about inefficiency of government hospital here, I have written my personal experience about it though I left out some of it while I was a little unconscious at that time.

After discharged from HUKM, I was being refered to another government hospital near where I stayed. I was required to do follow-up check up in Hospital Ampang, which is newly opened. My first appointment at Hospital Ampang was on 14th Aug, which is for taking blood sample test to check my potassium level whether it is still low. Today I had an appointment with the doctor to collect my test result hence, asking him to confirm my earlier diagnosis. This doctor who follow-up on my condition also said that my earlier diagnosis done at HUKM was not correct. I requested him to write a correct diagnosis for me, but he said I have to go back to HUKM because I was being treated there at the first place.

I do not want to go through the hassle and I have lost confidence in the treatment quality at HUKM so I don't think I would be going back there to see the doctor again. They should test and confirm whether I am allergic to the penicilin type antibiotic when I was admitted there but they choose to the easier way by blamming on other health products that I took. I am still taking those health product now and my recent blood test shows that I am healthy. Well, later one day I will plan to go for a complete allergy test in a private hospital when I have bought a good medical insurance plan.

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