Saturday, August 4, 2007

Gone July, Come August

Wow! It's August now. Look how time flies.... Always when it reaches August, it will soon be December in no time. Since 1st August, I had been busy the past 3 days working and never had time to blog - got a new job to be programmed by Friday. Well, I'm glad I've programmed it on time and had since submitted for the testing yesterday.

Hmm... thinking of August this year, there is a few pre-planed item that need to be done.

  • 8th Aug - Remember to send data for GHS project
  • 14th Aug - Go to hospital in the morning for blood test
  • 21st Aug - Go to hospital in the morning for test result report and doctor's consultation
  • One fine Saturday - Meeting up with friends

Well, I can't remember what I did last August. Probably had been busy working and had a boring weekends.... But one thing for sure, I still have my sister around sharing our room together last August.

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