Friday, August 10, 2007

Cruelty in our society

Ever wonder how our country's society is turnning into? Either good or bad, I can't help but wonder what have become of our people living in a progressive city, in a new technology savy environment, in a new world. I would like to point our view on this topic which makes me ponder upond the value of our moral and human sense these days.

Very recently we heard a lot of news reported young innocent child was killed by their own family members. I really could not understand how a mother can kill their own flesh and blood. Most animals has more sense than this. Really! No doubt, these things started happening a long time ago since ancient time, and it really doesn't come as a surprise that it is really happening now. But the sad thing is, it seems to be comming more rampant in our society of modern thinking and cultured values. Over the past one month, I read about these kind of heartbreaking news on the newspaper.

Cops seek mum’s help in investigation
Abused toddler: Father freed, mom expected to be charged

I wonder what have become of our society these days. With the wide spread of religion everywhere and not to forget we were all being thought about moral subjects in school, yet these unmoral things such as child abuse and worst of all, killing off a helpless child can still happen so frequently over the years. It is really hard for me to understand what really goes into the mind of a mother who can inflict such pain and sufferings to their own child. Is it because of stess? anger? hatred? Whatever it is, abusing or killing is defenitely wrong.

Over one and a half year ago, I bought a cute little Australian Silky Terrier. She's so cute and adorable and I can love her unconditionally. If one day she have to leave this world, I cannot imagine what a big impact it has on me to have to deal with the lost physically and emotionally. I think I would probably need to take a few days off mourning my lost. What more if it were my own child? That's why I could not comprehend ones abuse or killing their own child.

I think the problem lies back to our teaching at our own home. When a child is born, they first learn the correct value and moral etique at home through their parents or guardian. Love should be shown and tought starting at home. We should not just fully rely on others to teach and educate our children.

People are directing their priority further from home now a days. We are becoming more career minded, money minded, more selfish, and lack the sensitivity of humanitarian values. Whether you realize it or not, more and more people thinks that if you are kind, sensitive, showing love, campassion and giving in is consider weak. One have to be cruel to others in order to out shown others to acheive great success in life, so to speak. Rule for surviving, some may call it. If these bad value were left unattended, what would become of the world in the future? I can imagine people will become more and more selfish and more and more cruel. Who want to survive living in a bad bad world?

I believe, the solution lies in the first thing which hold true to our human existance. It is love. It is because of God's love that we were created. It is because of God's unconditional and unfailling love that keep us alive. It is because of God's grace and mercy that we were not condemn to death right away when we sin. As human, we all are capable of loving one another. God want us to love one another and live in a nice and peaceful condition. Why spoil it away?

If you understand the power of what love can do, you would realize that you can achieve much more in life and would be able to live a happy fruitful life!

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