Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Trying out new things....

Not too long ago, I heard from my friend about bloggers able to earn extra income just from blogging their favourite things. I was quite interested to tried out on it after hearing her testimony that they really pay her out for advertising some entry on her blog. She recommended Blogsvertise.

It's very simple. Just need to get yourself registered, get approved and they will send task for you to write about on your blog to help advertisers advertise their product/ services at your blogsite. You may write it whichever way you like and just add at least 3 links to the website being advertised at your blog entry. By doing so, Blogsvertise will pay you for writing about the advertisers website.

Although Blogsvertise is not a Malaysian base company who can pay you directly to your Malaysian bank account, it is good that they use PayPal to transfer payment to you instead. It is more secure that way.

Well... I have now just registered and waiting for Blogsvertise to approved me so that I can start earning some $$$$$....

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