Monday, August 6, 2007

Calories counting watchers

This post is suitable for those who are always on diet and counted their calories intakes everytime they put something into their mouth.

Please note: I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. As a matter of fact, I have just had a bag of french fries to compliment my lunch and I averagely have it at least once a week for lunch. French fries is always my favourite dispite the gruesome fact that it does to your healthy diet. But I don't really care. Hahaha....

I think if you were to count your calories intake each and everytime you eat, it would takes away all your enjoyment of eating, especially something that really taste really good. Not to mention you have to memorise the calories count if not all, some of the normal food that you usually eat. I think I would be crazy if I were to do that! To me, the best way is eat everything moderately.

Anyway, it's no harm on knowing the total calories count on your favourite food. Here is some of the list I have info on. The good thing about this list is it comes with the pictures of the food, which makes it even more tempting to be eaten. Hehehe.....

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