Monday, October 1, 2007

Girl’s night out

I had a nice time out with my girl-friends on weekends consecutively for the past two weeks. One day each week. Both times were with different friends group but still I found it enjoyable.

22nd Sept – Gatherings with college mate at Station 1 Cafe, Pandan Indah. It was a girl’s night out for all the girls in my group of college friends. There were six of us (excludes JL’s boyfriend). I haven’t met them since…. SL’s wedding. Although the meet up was a bit short for me because I have to leave early, but the whole time was just great for me to eat out with friends. I ordered Omelets served with fries and salad. The Omelets taste good and the potion was just nice for a normal girl’s appetite. I ordered hot honey for my drinks as I was having soar-throat at that time. It was a bit too sweet for me though. SL and MY arrived late and I didn’t have much time catching-up with them. Oh, I almost forgot that MC announced that her wedding would be in October next year. Probably will be held in Ciao Restaurant – definitely a nice change from the conventional Chinese wedding dinner.

28th Sept – Gatherings with primary school mate at Pavilion, KL. There were six of us, girls who were best buddies in primary school. We still pretty much keep in touch with each other until now. However there were only four of us who could meet out for dinner last Friday. I had always enjoyed going out with these group of friends. Not only we had the longest surviving friendship, but we also truthfully share our sad and good life time stories with each other (though some things are still remain secretive). We browse through all the available restaurants and lastly we settle down for a nice meal at Nandos because food price were more reasonable there. For those who are not aware, Pavilion, KL is a newly opened shopping mall at the heart of KL’s Golden Triangle. Most of the shops and restaurants there cater for a higher range income group people. With their sophisticated names and classy designed inner structures, no wonder their parking rates are sky high too. If I am not mistaken, they charge RM3 for 1st hour and additional RM0.50 for every half hour for the parking fees.

Really nice going out with a group of girl-friends once in a while to unwind, retuned and get away from hectic unforgiving personal life.

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