Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little things to help save the environment

Yesterday, 15th October 2007 is Blog Action Day where bloggers around the world unite together to blog for the same topic.
This time round is topic about the environment.

I have always like to do something to help improve our environment by

  • turning off the lights of the room/ area where no body is using at home
  • travel using public transport or car pool whenever I can - lesser motor vehicle on the road can lessen the carbon monoxide emission on the road and reduce traffic jams
  • going out less unless you really need to - limiting the need to use the car unnecessarily
  • not using the washing machine to wash the clothes everyday as it uses up a lot of water to do so. Washing clothes 1-2 times a week or 2-3 times a week would be fine depending on the number of family members you have.
  • not keeping the water tap running while I am brushing my teeth
  • not spending too much time on the shower else will risk water wastage ( I know of someone who spend at least 1 hour bathing everyday )
Here are some of the few other things that I found it's good to start off with:

  • If you are thinking of changing your monitor or household electrical items, go for the more energy efficient ones like energy saving monitor type or microwave oven with energy saving capabilities
  • Switch off your computer at the end of the day particularly at your office. Or if you are downloading something on your computer at home and you are not using it for other things else, turn off your monitor
  • Donate for charity to an Environmental Cause
  • Keep your computer longer and learn how to recycle it when you do upgrade (learn more about the ‘computer problem’)
  • Have more indoor plants around your computer area to offset carbon emissions from using the computer for all day long
Simple little things like this can help save the environment in the long run. If we all learn to be more responsible to the environment, we are helping to built a better future for our children and the future generation too.

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