Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Google Page Rank

I have just clicked my "My Blog" tab on PPP which display my blog status information and I was so surprise and exited at the same time when I see that my Google Ranking displayed there stated 2 (previously was N/A). I have been hovering over the disappointment that Google has not rank my blog yet after some time because I was desperate to see my PR goes up since I joined PPP and started writing for other sponsored post. All right, it is not a high ranking, but it is enough to spure up some exitement and hope in my tiny blogging world.

To confirm my findings, I went to a few PR checking website such as PRChecker.info, CheckPageRank.com, BlogFlux, SEOpen, and MyPagerank.net. Yup, I know it seems kind of silly to go to so many PR checking website just to know what is my current PR is like. Well, I was excited that's why.

A few months back I was really desperate and tried many ways to boost up my ranking which is N/A (not available) at that time. This is crucial to me because I was hoping to get more sponsored post to write and more opportunity to take up higher paid post. Okay, I do admit that I did not try hard enough but I do put some effort in it though I gave up half way after hearing rumours that Google has stoped ranking free blog sphere like Blogger. Looking back those time where I did make an effort, I posted on How to Increase Google Page Rank and Another Way to Increase Website Traffic, I believe my effort did pay out and now my PR has gone to Rank 2 (which the the measurement of my tiny effort being made).

Throughout the waiting for my PR to be ranked, I have kind of given up a little on emphasizing the drive to boost up my PR in which ever way possible, I now believe it is more important to maintain a good blog site rather than just doing all those mumbo jumbo things just to boost up PR but with a low quality content. This come into me writing about it 5 days ago about Why is Google PR so important?

Well, now I do not want to be so stressed up on eyeing so much on my Google PR, thinking when will the little bar goes up again. I will now put more effort on posting better blog content which is the intention of my creating this blog in the first place! Hmm.... not that I am very far off from that though.... Well, overall I can see a positive change right away when my blog change from PR N/A to PR 2. I got a little bit more opportunity in grabbing ops in PPP.


Michelle said...

hey congrats...mine dropped to all pr2 now :(

Amidrin said...

thanks, michelle.
sorry to hear about your rank drop....