Thursday, October 4, 2007

Shouldn't ask me these questions

I was being tag by LemonJude on the 8 questions people shouldn't ask me. After very much thinking, here are the 8 questions I consider it will send my temper to the boiling point if were to ask again and again.

1) Why are you not getting married???
[When I am, I will tell. Don't need to ask me each time we meet.]

2) Why are you so thin already???
[Well, I don't know. I don't feel thin as I can still wear most of my clothing as before. I feel I am getting fatter also. Very weired some people ask me this question.]

3) Why you eat so little rice???
[I don't like rice, as I would answered. And this is not why I got thinner. I eat more on other things.]

4) Why don't you like eating rice???
[Sigh... don't like means don't like! Same as people don't like durians. Don't keep asking again and again this question I consider stupid after I have already answered.]

5) Why you always work overtime???
[If I always stay back late at work means I am really dead busy with work. Hate it especially when I am in pressure to meet dateline and some keep hurrying me to finish faster. Who don't want to finish work faster and go home early? I am of course doing my very best to complete my task and go home relax. I am not those people who likes to stay late in the office just to show off to bosses that they are hardworking while faking it.]

6) Why it takes you so long to answer my question???
[When I don't answer you right there and then means your questions is hard to answer and I am really seriously thinking on the answer. Not to simply giving you an answer to shut you off. Shouldn't pressure me on giving you answer fast on hard questions else it takes me longer to come up with the truthful answer.]

7) With your look, why don't you safe yourself from the sufferings of working life and go find a rich husband???
[Duh! Who doesn't want that? You think if you want you'll definitely get it? It's not like shopping you know?]

8) Are you bored sitting alone here?
[The place where I sit in the office is a cubicle of four desk. Since January this year, I am the only one sitting there and my surrounding area is quite empty. I love this privacy and quietness where I won't need to be aware of other people snooping around what I do. Definitely not bored as I got IM. And it's really irritating when everyone pass by ask me am I bored sitting alone here. And I got to answer to the many same question every time.]

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awannabe said...

I'm sorry I must ask, but what is a durian?

Amidrin said...

hi awannabe, durian is a type of local fruits in Malaysia. It is also known as the king of fruits here. The fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odour, and a formidable thorn-covered husk. The unusual smell of the ripe fruit is very strong and penetrating, even when the husk of the fruit is still intact. The edible custard-like flesh within emits the strong, distinctive odour, which is regarded as either fragrant or overpowering and offensive.